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 In 2006, Corin Read Christian Camp began as a generous donation of property to the Northside Church of Christ in Benton, Arkansas.  Brother and sister, Dayle Ball and Melva Ball Wallace donated the property, which had been on their mother’s side of the family for more than 100 years. It was their mother's desire that one day the church would have a presence in the Sardis Community where the property is located. Northside Church of Christ decided to turn the 110+ acres into a Christian camp.  The camp is named in honor of Dayle and Melvas’ grandfather, Dr. Corin Read.

  Dr. Corin Read was born on Christmas Eve, 1838 in Tennessee. Specifically where in Tennessee is unknown, however by 1850, he appears in Warren County, Tennessee in the household of his step-father, Dr. Malchizadec Hill.  Warren County is located in Southeast Tennessee between Nashville and Chattanooga.  Corin’s mother, Hardenia Jefferson Spencer, was from Monticello, Virginia and known to be a first cousin to a famous American, Thomas Jefferson.

   By the census of 1860, Corin was now addressed as Dr. Corin Read and was practicing as a physician at the age of 21 in Saline County, Arkansas in Beavers Township located in north central Saline County.  On August 2, 1861, Dr. Read enlisted as a Private in Company C of the Arkansas Cavalry of the Confederate Army.  Just over one year later he received a head wound while serving near Corinth, Tennessee. The next service record we have is his parole from service on May 5, 1865 in Chester, South Carolina.

  Dr. Read was a school teacher during the time between the end of the Civil War and his death. He donated land to the Nuna School district where a new building was erected and named The Read Schoolhouse. The Nuna school district is near Sardis on the Saline and Grant County line between Hwy 67 and Hwy 35 just north of Baxter Trail.

  ​Dr. Read returned to Arkansas and Saline County and married Miss Ada Frances Salley on April 12, 1894.  They had a daughter and a son, Eulerah Read and John Salley Read.  Shortly after his marriage to Ada, he purchased the 110+ acre farm in Sardis, Arkansas. That property is now Corin Read Christian Camp. Eulerah Read was the mother of Dayle Ball and Melva Wallace.

Because of individuals like Corin Read's family, Corin Read Christian Camp is being built and maintained, debt free.  Help us continue to be debt free. Visit our 'Partners' page.

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